IDF soldiers in Gaza
IDF soldiers in GazaIDF spokesperson

The term “Jewish Leadership” is tossed around quite frequently. We long for strong and proud leaders to assume future leadership… but can’t seem to find them. We ask ourselves why this is so difficult and invent answers that aren’t true.

Let me ask this question directly; Why is it so challenging to find people capable of leading the Jewish Nation? We build billion-dollar companies, have incredible scientific minds and are geniuses in Torah wisdom but can’t find solid leaders?? Why is that so? Here’s the answer: It’s because we’re looking in the wrong place!

Think about this: In addition to being holy, dedicated to Hashem and incredibly righteous, every leader throughout TaNaCH was also a great military warrior. Yes, every single one. Avraham, the first Jew in history, is known for his chesed, yet when his nephew was taken hostage, he went to war against the mighty 4 kings, and defeated them! When Yaakov was buried in Hebron, his funeral procession from Egypt included “chariots and horsemen” (B’reisheit 50:9) S’forno states that the military leadership of Egypt considered Yaakov to be a great warrior, so they honored him by attending his funeral. Yehoshua bin Nun led our nation into Eretz Yisrael – what a Tzaddik he was! – but he was also the one who led 7 years of wars to liberate the land from enemy occupiers.

Who was the one who killed Og, the King of Bashan? Before answering that question, I want to remind you that Og was probably the biggest and strongest man who ever lived. The Midrash talks about him picking up and throwing mountains (not rocks… mountains!) Ok, back to the question: Who killed this gigantic, ferocious warrior? Answer: Moshe Rabbenu.

Who was the one who killed Agag, King of Amalek? This was the guy who personally killed thousands of people. People feared his every move, yet he was killed by… a prophet, Shmuel Ha’Navi.

This list goes on and on and includes Pinchas, all of the Shoftim (Judges) – including Devorah, plus the Kings of Israel, starting with Saul and David. Every one of those men (and women) were holy and deeply spiritual. Many were prophets who spoke with Hashem – something we haven’t had for over 2,300 years - but in addition to those incredible qualities, they were also all great warriors.

If this was true back then, it is even truer now. Today’s Jewish leader needs more than a fancy suit. He needs to be deeply rooted in authentic Torah values – which guides his every move – but he also needs to be a mighty warrior. This is one of the reasons why every Jew must be connected to the IDF. Those young men and women are not mere soldiers… they are our future leaders! Israel will be led by one of these brave heroes who risk their lives for our nation, and it will be someone who combines the path of Torah with the skill of a deadly weapon.

May Hashem shine His light upon these holy soldiers, bring them close to His ways and assist them in defeating the enemy. May He protect them, grant them success in their missions and guide them in the ways of our Biblical leaders so that they can lead this precious and special Nation.