Jewish-American actor Ian Ziering, who is best known for his role in the television show Beverly Hills 90210, was violently attacked in Los Angeles on Sunday by a group of individuals riding motorized bicycles.

In footage of the incident, Ziering is seen exiting his vehicle and confronting one of the cyclists, who is then joined by his fellow riders who violently assault the actor.

According to TMZ, the incident ended when both parties entered their vehicles and left the scene. It would appear that the police were not called. As of the time of reporting, the motive of the incident is unknown.

Law enforcement officials told TMZ that an official report has been taken, and it lists Ziering as the victim. Police have not yet made any arrests and are still investigating the incident.

Ziering is best known for portraying Steve Sanders on the 90s hit show Beverly Hills 90210. Last year, he appeared on the Israeli soccer reality show Goalstar.