Arrest (illustrative)
Arrest (illustrative)iStock

An indictment was submitted on Sunday against a resident of the Israeli Arab town of Tira after he expressed support for ISIS and called to establish an Islamic state and to "kill all infidels."

Investigators from the central unit of the Central District Police and the Shin Bet ran an undercover investigation of the 22-year-old Tira resident after he published posts to social media in which he expressed solidarity with ISIS and incited terror and harm to Jews during the war.

As the investigation progressed, it was found that the suspect, an Israeli citizen, declared that he did not recognize the state of Israel, that an Islamic state should be established in its place at the appropriate time, and that the infidels, that is, those who are not Muslim, should be killed.

In accordance with the suspicions and the findings of the expedited investigation, the State Prosecutor authorized an investigation into the suspect. He was arrested at the beginning of the month, and his detention was extended as needed.

Today, in accordance with the findings of the investigation and the evidence, an indictment against the suspect was submitted to the Petah Tikva magistrates court by the Central District Prosecutor.