The new board
The new boardCourtesy

Adnimation, an innovative Israeli SaaS-based technology company dedicated to helping online publishers grow their businesses, announced this week the formation of its new Advisory Board to help drive its rapid growth and global expansion.

This strategic move is aimed at deepening Adnimation's role as a trusted advisor to thousands of online publishers and content creators.

Adnimation, a Google Certified Publishing Partner, monetizes more than 3,000 websites and CTV apps. In 2023, the company saw significant growth and its new Advisory Board aims to propel the company's expansion in 2024 and beyond.

The Adnimation Advisory Board brings together a group of highly accomplished business leaders spanning diverse industries. Each individual on the board contributes proven leadership, expertise, and a distinctive understanding of Adnimation's transformative potential.

The members includes Daniel Sapir, CEO of Cellcom; Mor Weizer, CEO of Playtech; Yuval Tal, founder of Payoneer; Eitan Shmueli, a partner at Lipa Meir & Co.; and Benny Ayal, owner of the Ayal Group.

“2023 was a transformative year for Adnimation,” said Maor Davidovich, CEO of Adnimation. “Over the course of the year we witnessed substantial growth, with unofficial estimates suggesting that we are positioned as the largest global player in Google’s CTV landscape."

Davidovich further shared, "As we head into 2024, we have bolstered our team with a new VP of Sales and developed two robust monetization growth engines, set to launch in the coming months. Adnimation is poised to strengthen its footprint in the American market, including plans to open a local office to establish strategic dominance in the CTV market.”

The company's proprietary SaaS platform manages the programmatic ad sales process for publishers, intelligently selling their advertising space and maximizing their ad revenue.

In 2023, Adnimation introduced two innovative monetization tools: Hybrid Header Bidding and CTV Fusion, which bring advanced capabilities to publishers of websites and CTV apps, helping them enhance and optimize their revenue streams.

Fueled by its proprietary technology and the strategic direction of its Advisory Board, Adnimation anticipates doubling in size in 2024.