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After The New York Times detailed and graphic report of how Hamas weaponized bestial and barbaric sexual violence on Oct. 7, there is a growing call demanding to know what took them so long to come to this conclusion. There is a call to answer the pressing need to overcome the pro Hamas social media postings of child casualties, grossly inflated and not given the background that any casualties are the result of Hamas' hiding behind civilians and that the war is a totally justified response to its barbaric massacre on October 7th which quidkly morphed into mainstream media's daily images promoting Israel as the aggressor.

To work off today’s The New York Times conclusion we at the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Board and Team str calling on all individuals, Jews and Gentiles to hashtag and refer to the war to eliminate Hamas as #OperationNeverAgain.

Addressing The War As “Operation Never Again“ Will Help The World Stay Connected

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has once again brought to light the challenges that Israel faces in the realm of public opinion. The mainstream media and social media platforms are flooded with images of civilian casualties in Gaza, painting Israel as the aggressor in the conflict. This distortion of the truth has led many to forget the root cause of the conflict, leading to a biased portrayal of the situation.

In light of this, the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce has put forth the suggestion to address the name of the war to "Operation Never Again." This name holds significant meaning and serves as a constant reminder to the world about the reasons behind the war. The term "Never Again" is deeply rooted in the Jewish history and signifies the commitment to prevent another Holocaust. By using this name for the war, Israel seeks to remind the world of the legitimate reasons for its actions and shift the narrative away from the biased portrayal presented by the mainstream media.

In addition, the name "Operation Never Again" is a clarion call to the international community to recognize and acknowledge the historical context and motivation behind Israel's actions. It highlights the fact that Israel is not the aggressor in the conflict, but a nation facing a relentless onslaught and existential threat. By using this name, Israel aims to reclaim the narrative and ensure that the world does not lose sight of the root cause of the conflict amidst the influx of biased media coverage.

The suggestion to change the name of the war to "Operation Never Again" is a strategic move to reframe the narrative and keep the focus on the root cause of the conflict. The hashtag #OperationNeverAgain should be used on social media and in media coverage to reiterate the significance of the name and draw attention to the reasons behind the war.

The use of the term "Never Again" carries a weighty historical significance. It serves as a reminder of the Jewish people's enduring commitment to ensuring that the horrors of the Holocaust are never repeated. By employing this name for the war, Israel seeks to convey the message that it is fighting to prevent the recurrence of atrocities against its people. The use of this name is a powerful statement that highlights the underlying motivations behind Israel's actions in the ongoing conflict.

Furthermore, the name "Operation Never Again" serves as a poignant reminder of the existential threat that Israel faces. The current conflict is not simply a matter of territorial dispute; it is a matter of survival for the state of Israel. By choosing this name for the war, Israel seeks to emphasize the gravity of the situation and convey the urgency of its actions in defending its people and sovereignty.

To address the rise of global anti Semitism and Anti Israel movements, By employing this name, Israel and Jews around the world who feels threatened can assert its commitment and raise awareness to the world about preventing atrocities against the Jewish people and draw attention to the existential threat we all face around the world.

As the conflict continues, it is imperative to keep the focus on the root cause of the conflict and the legitimate reasons for Israel's actions, and the name "Operation Never Again" serves as a potent reminder of this essential truth.

Duvi Honig is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber Of Commerce