Soldiers in the north
Soldiers in the northvaad hatzedaka

With an international recruitment and transportation system, Vaad Hatzdaka has so far delivered over 13,000 units of warm clothing and thermal equipment for IDF soldiers fighting in northern Israel, on the border with Lebanon, and inside Gaza when the temperatures drop and the cold threatens the soldiers' performance | The soldiers are satisfied and send letters of thanks; Their friends are waiting for more supplies

“It’s like salvation for our fighters" says one of the commanders of the elite units in the heart of the Gaza Strip. The soldiers receive the warm equipment and immediately ask to send thanks to Vaad Hatzdaka. "We understand how significant the warm clothing sets are for the soldiers. More than anything else we have sent to them since the beginning of the war," concludes the General Director of Logistics of the Israel Vaad Hatzdaka, Mr. Benny Maklev.

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In recent weeks, the temperatures have been dropping on the war front in the north of the country, as well as on the fighting front in the south - where the soldiers are exposed to winds and rain storms coming from the sea and the open areas.

Even so, the fighting conditions are difficult in the swamps and under the heavy rains, but most of all - the suffering of the fighter is imbued with the motivation - his entire ambition to wipe out the Hamas terrorist organization, when it is precisely the lack of thermal clothing and electric batteries that make him shiver.

The broad operation established by the charitable organization "Vad Hatzadka" is gaining momentum. From the south of the country to the northern point on the border with Lebanon, the organization's volunteers flow in, in small trucks and in private cars, and distribute aid boxes to the soldiers, which include: comprehensive thermal clothing, electric batteries for the field, insulated tents and hermetic sleeping bags.

In addition, the organization's volunteers distribute gas and coffee kits to each battalion, knives for logistical operations and mobile chargers. "This is the only way the soldiers will be able to protect us," say the volunteers returning from the bases.

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The prioritization of the volunteers is the distribution of set packages first to the fighters in the coldest areas, and from there - to the center and south. The purchase of the sets by the organization, the transportation and distribution requires large resources, and the fundraising department of the organization works to raise more and more resources for the soldiers who have not yet received warm clothing.

The organization's volunteers meet the soldiers in the field, hear from them about all types of needs, and write down every detail. "We are talking about 200,000 soldiers who will need to receive warm sets in the coming month," says the logistics expert, Mr. Maklev. "We must deliver the packages to the rest of the soldiers as soon as possible. We must not forget the warriors in the cold conditions. And the equation is very clear: a cold warrior finds it difficult to protect us."

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In the aid center of the “Vaad Hatzdaka" the needs of the soldiers are concentrated according to a clear mapping of bases, units, companies - and requests. At the aid center, orders are made according to the budgets raised each week.

Thousands of soldiers are staying and fighting these days in conditions of frost, rain and swamps - in the south and in the north. Warm clothing for the cold conditions is the greatest comfort and support we can provide to the front!", concludes Mr. Maklev from Vaad Hatzdaka.

Thousands more sets of warm clothing are missing for the soldiers fighting at the front in the cold conditions!

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