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Following a message from Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi (Likud) to the management of TikTok regarding the limitations of content or campaigns with the tag, 'Together, we will win,' in Hebrew and calling for the company to reconsider their decision, TikTok has decided to remonetize the hashtag.

Over the past few days, and during several meetings in the Ministry led by Deputy Director Elad Malka, the social media network gave their answer on the subject on Friday. The negotiations continue in the hopes of changing the policy regarding advertisements from the Families of Hostages Headquarters.

Minister Karhi commented: "'Together, we will win,' is a fundamental and direct statement that unites all of Israeli society against bloodthirsty terrorists. This simple call which contains within it the Israeli spirit, is an ethical and just call to action. I am glad that the directors of TikTok have reversed their erroneous decision."

"Now, our goal is to reinforce and resound this message of unity through all layers of the Israeli public, and in accordance with the call from the people, from the soldiers, from the families of the fallen, we will, with God's help, be victorious."