Hamas terrorists infiltrate Israel on October 7th
Hamas terrorists infiltrate Israel on October 7thYousef Mohammed/FLASH90

The Shin Bet received information in the summer from a human source in the Gaza Strip that Hamas was planning to attack Israel about a week after Yom Kippur, so reported Ilana Dayan on Channel 12.

According to the report, the information was transferred to the agent responsible for such, but it was not marked as significant.

It was further reported that the intelligence report was received from a source that was operated by the Shin Bet and was considered trustworthy, but it was decided to wait for more information that would confirm it.

As part of the Shin Bet's attempts to probe the failure that allowed for the murderous Hamas attack, the intelligence report that was received was found.

The agency stated that in-depth inspections found that there was no additional information that backed up the intelligence.

The Shin Bet responded to the report: "At the moment, the Shin Bet is concentrated on the war. The Shin Bet is prepared to carry out in-depth and thorough investigations to learn lessons, and in this framework, all information that is available will be inspected. In any case, concentration on one specific intel report o another can not reflect on the entire intelligence picture at the time.