Times Square
Times SquareISTOCK

New York City Mayor Eric Adams stated that the city administration and police expect anti-Israel activists to disrupt the annual New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square on Sunday night, just as they disrupted Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.

“We’re sure there’s gonna be some type of attempt this year,” Adams said during a news conference yesterday (Tuesday). “Everyone looks for events like this if they want to do bad things, and the police department is on top of it.”

The NYPD will deploy thousands of officers to Times Square to provide security during the ball drop.

Last month, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in Manhattan was paused when a group of about 30 anti-Israel protestors ran into the parade route and some of them glued themselves to the street. The protestors laid down and glued their hands to the street. The floats and performers had to be rerouted while the disruption was dealt with. A number of protestors were arrested for disturbing the peace.

Days later, hundreds anti-Israel protestors also disrupted the annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center, chanting “River to the sea." The protestors then gathered around the tree outside the News Corp building.

This week, on Christmas, a mob of about 500 anti-Israel activists again gathered at the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and chanted "Christmas is canceled here" and "long live the Intifada." The protestors brought with them a mock Nativity scene colored red.

Multiple people were arrested during the protests at Grand Central Station and Union Square, and several violent incidents occurred, including a fight outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Today (Wednesday), more than two dozen anti-Israel protestors were arrested for blocking a road to John F. Kennedy International Airport. During the protest, demonstrators chanted “From the river to the sea."