Kenigצילום: ZAKA

Humans are incredibly adaptable to even the worst situations, and 3 months into this war, people are slowly getting used to the new reality. However, those who lived through or saw the worst, still can’t move on.

Natan Kenig is one of those people. For him, October 7 with all its horrors is happening right now. As a ZAKA volunteer, on October 7 he drove down to Be'eri and spent 40 days and nights dealing with blood splattered on bedroom walls, scorched and mutilated children, and bodies strewn around.

They say time heals all wounds, but Kenig is suffering from severe PTSD that threatening his life and imprisoning his mind in the wreckage of Be'eri. Doctors have said that intensive treatment is critical to save his life.

However Kenig hasn’t worked for months due to his volunteer work and condition, and besides being unable to pay the hundreds of thousands needed for treatment, he’s also on the verge of losing his house.

Thousands have rallied to help him, but much more is urgently needed. You can save Natan’s life and help him move on by donating here.