Osama Hamdan
Osama HamdanFlash 90

Osama Hamdan, one of the senior members of Hamas, confirmed on Tuesday that his organization has received "offers and initiatives" for a ceasefire and an exchange deal, and is open to anything that will realize the interests of the Palestinian Arab people.

In this context, Hamdan stressed that Hamas opposes a temporary ceasefire with Israel and demands a permanent cessation of Israeli "aggression".

"We warn all countries against cooperating with Netanyahu's plans regarding so-called voluntary migration," Hamdan said.

Referring to Israel as the "Nazi occupation", Hamdan stated that it uses every means of warfare against the Palestinian Arab people, and the three Israeli leaders leading the campaign are in a state of embarrassment because they have not achieved any of their stated goals.

He claimed that "the developments on the battlefield show that Netanyahu is acting without a goal and a vision and he is going from failure to failure, and the embarrassment of the IDF spokesman in front of the journalists is proof of the lies and embarrassment of the army commanders."

Hamdan accused the US administration of "complicity in the shedding of the blood of the children of Gaza", adding that the American administration talks about protecting the lives of the citizens in Gaza and then supplies weapons to Israel.