New Delhi Police
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The National Security Council (NSC) issued an advisory for Israeli citizens traveling in India following the reports of an explosion near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi earlier today.

"An IED exploded, today (Tuesday, 26 December 2023) near the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi in a possible terrorist attack," the NSC stated.

In light of security concerns following the incident, the National Security Council (NSC) underscored the following recommendations for Israelis in India, especially New Delhi:

* Try to avoid going to crowded places (malls and markets) and places identified as serving Westerners/Jews and Israelis.

* Be on heightened alert in public places (including restaurants, hotels, pubs, etc.)

* Avoid openly displaying Israeli symbols

* Refrain from attending unsecured large-scale events

* Avoid publicizing itineraries on social media as well as photographs and details of visits in real-time.

Witnesses near the embassy reported hearing a loud bang and seeing smoke early Tuesday evening, local time. Police found at the scene a letter described as "abusive" directed at the Israeli Ambassador to India.