Shaul Greenglick on Rising Star
Shaul Greenglick on Rising StarKeshet 12

Captain (res.) Shaul Greenglick, who fell today in battle in Gaza, performed several weeks ago in Israel’s Rising Star, singing Hanan Ben Ari’s song “Blind Bat.” After the audition he announced that he was dropping out of the competition “in favor of an old dream, to fight for my country.”

After the audition, Greenglick decided to withdraw from the competition and fight in Gaza, explaining his decision in a message: "I imagined this year differently; a year of ambitions and fulfilling dreams. Now I am living an old dream, to fight for my country and we are currently in the middle of the night ... a new dream and another dream will have to wait a little longer. Thank you for the warm and encouraging words and for the good reviews. I hope this period passes and that it will pass quickly."

He added: "I promise to continue fighting for this country that I love and for my dreams in the future. At the moment there is only one thing on my mind and that is to continue fighting in the darkness until we see the light. This is the end of our broadcasts for the upcoming season."

The show's production commented: "Our heart is broken. The Keshet 12 family and Teddy Productions are saddened by the death of Shaul Greenglick, a combat officer in the Nahal Brigade who fell today in battle in the northern Gaza Strip. Shaul participated in the current season of Rising Star. His singing moved us to tears. We send our sincere condolences and share in the deep sorrow of the family and friends. The next episode of Rising Star will be dedicated to Shaul, of blessed memory".

Assi Azar, the host of the program, wrote: "Dear Shaul fell in Gaza. We met only twice, in the interview before the audition for Rising Star and at the audition itself. These were short meetings, but you didn't need more than that to feel the magic in him. He was a smiling man. The kind of person you immediately want to be your friend. He was a singer with grace, with kind eyes. And now he is gone. I would like to send my condolences, on behalf of myself and the entire production team, to his family. Our hearts are all filled with sorrow. I wish this nightmare would end already. May his memory be blessed."

Captain (res.) Shaul Greenglick, 26, from Ra'anana, a commander in Regiment 931, Nachal Brigade, fell in battle against terrorists in Daraj Tuffah, the last Hamas stronghold where the IDF has been maneuvering in the northern Gaza Strip

Major Shay Shamriz, from Merkaz Shapira, commander of a company in Regiment 931, Nachal Brigade, is the 14th fallen soldier who graduated from the Eli pre-military academy.

First Sergeant Maor Lavi, 33, from Susya , in Regiment 450, fell in battle in central Gaza.

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