A Muslim girl who claimed to be eleven-years-old told American Orthodox Rabbi Shmuley Boteach to "kill himself" in a video that has gone viral on social media.

The incident occurred on Christmas Eve in Times Square in New York City, as anti-Israel activists attempted to 'cancel Christmas' in midtown. The girl approached Rabbi Boteach and told him that if he had a problem with 'Free Palestine,' "go kill yourself."

The girl's mother supported her daughter's antisemitism when Rabbi Boteach said that he would report the incident to the police, and the girl declared that she was "not sorry" for calling for his death.

Rabbi Boteach wrote on X (formerly Twitter), "An "11-year-old" Muslim girl with her family walked over to me in Times Square and told me to kill myself because I’m a Jew. I am not making this up. You must watch this. They then had their small child kick me to humiliate me whole their daughter continued to say that I should kill myself. Identify who these people are. Also, other passersby yelled at me that she’s white, and I should kill myself as a Jew. All of this happened right in the middle of New York City the night before Christmas. Anti Semitism is becoming unbelievably dangerous and deadly in the United States and around the world. We must fight this disease."

On Monday, Christmas, a mob of about 500 anti-Israel activists gathered at the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and chanted "Christmas is canceled here" and "long live the Intifada." The protestors brought with them a mock Nativity scene colored red.

Multiple people were arrested during the protests, and several violent incidents occurred, including a fight outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral.