Humanitarian aid to Gaza
Humanitarian aid to GazaFlash 90

More than ten thousand parents of IDF soldiers have signed a letter to the Prime Minister demanding that he end the humanitarian aid to Gaza.

“Our heroic sons are fighting with strength and bravery, as we taught them, against a Nazi enemy in Gaza and on all other fronts. We demand not to endanger them needlessly,” the letter begins.

The letter was arranged by the “March of Mothers of Combat Soldiers’ movement and the Torat Lehima organization, and signed by more than 10,000 parents of combat soldiers.

The letter continues: “Stop the Hamas truck convoys. We demand that buildings be collapsed, hospitals (terrorist command centers) schools (which teach incitement and anti-semitism) and any enemy building, and not to send our sons into dangerous alleys. The most humanitarian thing possible is to kill the enemy.”

“The lives of soldiers are a million times more important than the population that cheered and rejoiced at the slaughter of Jewish babies, the rape of women, and the murder of the elderly, just this past Simchat Torah. Have we gone mad? How long will we endanger our soldiers for nothing? How long will the soldiers suffer from orders based on ‘the concept’? We demand of the Prime Minister: enough Hamas trucks! Enough needlessly endangering soldiers! You must collapse buildings!”

Sima Hasun, the mother of two combat soldiers and director of the March of Mothers of Combat Soldiers movement, commented: “Along with many other mothers, we are proud of our sons who at this very moment are fighting the Nazi enemy. They are fighting with dedication for the state. The War Cabinet must forgo ‘the concept’ and end the humanitarian aid to the murderers fighting our sons. We call on the Prime Minister not to fear any international power and stop the Nazi trucks so our sons can fight with full strength and return home safely.”

Torat Lehima commented: “We cannot ignore the cries of mothers of combat soldiers. The simple call of thousands of parents of soldiers is the demand of the entire nation of Israel. We call on the government of Israel and the prime minister to be attentive to the call of the nation and not to allow entry to Hamas trucks that endanger our soldiers in Gaza."