Russian air force
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The Ukrainian army reports that over the past three days it has managed to shoot down five Russian fighter jets.

The report, if true, would mark one of the most significant blows the Russian air force has suffered since invading Ukraine.

​​​Russia disputes the report, and adds that it has recently conquered the Ukrainian city of Mar'inka.

Over the past two months, intense engagements have taken place in the Mar'inka region. The city has approximately 10,000 residents. Ukraine claims that Russia is lying, and has not achieved control of the city.

In a conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Putin commented: "Our soldiers now have a chance to build a wider operational zone."

According to Western estimates, the Ukrainian success in shooting down so many Russian planes is due to the use of Patriot missile batteries.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy commented: "Christmas sets the mood for the entire year ahead."

A statement by the Ukrainian air force claims that Russia has significantly reduced its aerial bombardment of Kherson. "They understand that the city is a trap for them."