IDF reserve soldiers, including engineering corps, worked throughout Monday night to thwart terror in Nur Shams, near Tulkarem.

Working with Border Police and Shin Bet teams, the soldiers used engineering tools to reveal and destroy explosives beneath and on the side of the road, which had been placed to harm Israeli forces.

In addition, during searches of the building, an explosives lab was discovered. The lab contained dozens of homemade explosives which were ready for use, as well as materials to prepare explosives.

IDF forces destroyed the lab.

The building was found to contain over 30 weapons, homemade rockets, and other means of warfare, which were confiscated. A suspect who was found in the building where the lab was discovered was arrested.

During the operation, armed terrorists fired and hurled explosives at the soldiers, who fired at them. An IDF soldier was lightly injured by shrapnel, and evacuated to a hospital for treatment.