Residents from across Israel reported widespread power outages in various areas in northern, southern and central Israel around 11:00 p.m. on Monday evening.

The outage lasted for several minutes, after which power was restored to most customers, though the problem continues for some.

In light of reports that the outages may have been the result of a cyberattack, the Israel Electric Corporation responded: "The malfunctions reported by consumers throughout the country are not the result of a cyberattack. There was a break in the activity of two production units. This break caused load shedding that caused power outages in several locations throughout the country. Alternative production units came into operation and, for most of the people who were interrupted, the electricity came back."

The CEO of the Israel Electric Corporation, Meir Spiegler, added: "The source of the power outages is the collapse of two production units, at the Rabin and Eshkol stations. The cause is still unclear and the problem is being treated. At the beginning of the fault, there were 150,000 people who were disconnected across the country, most of whom currently have their power back while 20,000 remain disconnected."