The new packaging
The new packagingPublic Relations

Strauss Group has decided to remove the words "Turkish Coffee" from the packaging of its popular coffee grounds product after 60 years.

The words will be replaced with various patriotic slogans such as: "Am Israel Chai" (the people of Israel live), "Generation of Victory," "We Have No Other Land," and "Strong Together" in Hebrew.

The name change comes in the wake of an uproar on the web by users who wondered why the company does not change the name to "Israeli Coffee" instead of the name of the country that is led by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who attacked Israel following the October 7th attack and even voiced support for Hamas.

Strauss Group explained that the company "decided to enlist the coffee that is so loved by the soldiers" and launched "a special edition for the war with unifying slogans."

Vice President of Marketing at Strauss Coffee Israel, Ofri Shabo, stated: "Turkish Coffee is part of many very Israeli moments. It is much more than just a cup of coffee; it is our unity and our love for the land. Now, during this difficult time, we are sending active service and reserve soldiers in the field millions of bags of the beloved coffee so they can stay awake and concentrate on the mission's success."

Regarding the initiative to change the name, he stated: "To strengthen our soldiers, we decided to update the packaging during the war and to put out a line of mottos with messages of unity, hope, and belief in the justness of our path. We always were and promise to always be the most Israeli thing there is."