Ann Levin
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The slogan, “Never again is now” is making the rounds on the internet.

This is understandable, given that we are seeing behavior on a global scale similar to Hitler’s early years preceding his genocide of European Jewry. Masses of menacing masked bullies fill the streets chanting slogans calling for Jew killing and extermination of the only Jewish State on the planet. Jew haters boycott Jewish businesses and products. They smash windows and deface walls with swastikas. Jewish students and teachers are cornered and assaulted. Jewish schools and synagogues have received bomb threats. People on the New York City subway no longer wear Star of David jewelry or Kippot.

Despite this, the Jewish people will not experience a repeat performance of the mid-20th century.

For the first time in history, world Jewry has aces in the hole that were absent during the previous millennia of Jew hunting mania.

Foremost, we have the Jewish State, not the impoverished socialist struggling Jewish state of 1948. We have the power of an established nation-state behind us. We have a capitalist country, which, in 2020, Forbes ranked 20th in world GDP. This figure was ahead of Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. In 2023, US News and World Report ranked Israel’s military as number four in the world behind Russia, the US and China, placing tiny Israel right behind the super-powers. That same survey ranked Israel as number ten in the world for countries that have the “strongest international alliances”. For 75 years, the state of Israel has garnered military, political and trade advantages that other nations seek.

Unlike the helpless Diaspora Jews of the last century who depended on the infrequent and reluctant mercy of other governments, today’s Jewish state can deploy hard military power and soft diplomatic power on the international stage. In this respect, Theodore Herzl’s vision succeeded, and enhanced the position of world Jewry.

October 7 was a security failure of humiliating and epic proportions. It was a failure of flawed assumptions and disunity. Israel made the mistake of thinking that it can sustain bitter infighting, and the enemy would not notice. But the lion of Judah has awakened and will exert its significant military, diplomatic and economic muscle to attain a long-term victory.

Second, American Jews, the most significant Jewish population outside of Israel, are not the powerless and poor Jews of Eastern Europe. American Jews command financial resources and political clout. Most American Jews are successful business owners and professionals. They are cultural and economic leaders of their communities. They are world class lawyers, journalists, musicians, and filmmakers.

Many important American and global corporations have Jewish ownership, such as Google, Oracle, and Goldman Sachs. These corporations have the ear of important national leaders and international bodies.

American Jewry is flexing its muscle by cutting significant donations to the Ivy League Universities that enable Jew baiting on their campuses. They are not hiring anti-Semitic graduates. They are putting pressure on their politicians to protect American Jews and be a good ally for Israel. If American Jews continue to unite around their Jewish identity and Israel to fight anti-Semitism, they will avert a repeat performance of the Shoah.

Third, American Christians are not the same as European Christians. The Churches in Europe, both Protestant and Catholic, had a shameful record of silence and cooperation with the Nazi Final Solution. A minority of righteous Christian individuals rescued Jews, risking death for themselves and their families. These people were exemplars of decency and morality, but the Churches of Europe, as organized bodies, did not use their extensive financial, social and political capital to fight the Nazi extermination of the Jews.

In contrast, the list of ardent American Christian Zionists who lead mega-churches is encouraging. Pastors Higgs and Hagee and Governor Huckabee are staunch supporters of Israel and they have the ear of the Republican Party and some Democrats as well. They can energize large voting blocks. Many of them hold political office. Their ultimate aim may be to convert the Jews of Israel to Christianity, but they contribute to Israeli charities and institutions that help Jewish Israelis, most of whom will never convert to Christianity. They are a strong political counterbalance to the growing progressive/Islamist wing of American politics, which threatens Israel’s security and fosters a toxic environment for American Jews.

Fourth, despite the myth of Muslim brotherhood and the genocidal teachings of the Quran, Muslim countries in Israel’s region look out for themselves. They want Israeli trade and technology. They know Israel is the 200 pound gorilla in the Middle East and they do not want Iranian hegemony in their neighborhood. Secretly, they want Israel to expunge Hamas and Hezbollah to weaken Iran. This dynamic made the Abraham Accords possible. Ironically, only Israel’s crushing defeat of Hamas will enlarge the circle of peace to Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries. A forced cease fire and the survival of Hamas and Fatah will increase regional and global jihad.

The true ace in the hole for the Jewish people is its traditions and faith. The other advantages are God’s instruments for his will to manifest in the world.

May it be God’s will that he helps the IDF and world Jewry eradicate our genocidal enemies now and forever.

Ann Levin is an author and legal educator. She lives in Karnei Shomron, Israel.