Uri Maklev
Uri MaklevOlivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Noor, a restaurant located in the Druze village of Julis in the north of Israel, has been providing thousands of packaged meals to the thousands of evacuees and soldiers in the north free of charge and on a voluntary basis since the beginning of the war.

In order to make the place suitable also for observant soldiers and evacuees, Asma, the owner of the restaurant, asked to make the place kosher [to kasher] so that she could provide food to observant soldiers.

About a month ago, she contacted the office of Deputy Minister Uri Maklev (UTJ) with a request to assist her in the process required to make the restaurant kosher.

The deputy minister's office contacted the chief rabbinate and assisted in all the necessary procedures.

When completed, Deputy Minister Uri Maklev visited the restaurant, where he met with the owner and other dignitaries of the Druze community in Julis.

Asma thanked Deputy Minister Maklev for his commitment to "kosher" the restaurant. "We asked to kosher the place for the benefit of the soldiers. We will happily replace the entire menu so that we can feed our kosher-observant soldiers. This is a historic move, and it will be credited to you."

Maklev was moved and replied, "You are allowing the soldiers to eat here without worry."

Later, he wished those present much success. "These good deeds will be in your merit. May we have quiet days and blessings and success instead."