Netanyahu in Cabinet Meeting
Netanyahu in Cabinet MeetingHezki Baruch

In the Cabinet meeting this morning (Sunday), ministers attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's consent to allow the entrance of fuel into Gaza.

Minister Ben Gvir said: "The fact that we give them fuel and humanitarian aid, and food that in the end Hamas takes – this is part of their ammunition during the war. We need to reassess the situation."

Prime Minister Netanyahu replied: "We don't give them fuel directly, but get it in through others."

"That's exactly the problem," responded Minister Strock and offered a solution, "Maybe the Shin Bet should distribute the food to them so that there won't be a situation where Hamas steals the food."

MK Shlomo Karhi claimed that "without diesel, Hamas cannot survive." Ben Gvir added that "there is a direct correlation between the quantity of food and fuel we send in and the number of casualties. Remember that at the beginning of the war in northern Gaza, we did not give them fuel and food, and the number of casualties was not as high as today."

Prime Minister Netanyahu responded to the allegations. "We don't bring in a large amount, and in any case, what we bring in allows us to continue fighting. There are countries that we must consider. And if we don't consider them, the UN will ultimately decide to put a blockade on us. In addition, if you don't send food, there could be a mass epidemic and famine, and the whole world will be against us - this gives us more time to fight."

MK Wasserlauf responded: "Humanitarian for humanitarian. That's what we started with and I don't understand what has happened to us, to where have we deteriorated? How is it possible that we help them on humanitarian issues without them caring for our hostages? It's time we hold a discussion on the definition of 'innocent.' Who are they? These are the people who raided our communities on October 7th? These are the ones who elected Hamas in Gaza? These are the ones who are happy that our soldiers are killed?"

MK Barkat concluded the discussion and said: "We are too considerate of them; we are too nice."