Rachel Ederi
Rachel EderiKan

Rachel Ederi has opened an Instagram page on which she published the recipe for the cookies that she famously offered to the Hamas terrorists who broke into her home in Ofakim and took her and her husband hostage.

"My friends, for two and a half months people have been driving me crazy asking for the recipe that I baked for those monsters," she began.

"Once and for all: I made them date cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and added some machine-made cookies that stick in your throat that we had left over from Yom Kippur. I thought they would choke, but they had the strength of 17-year-olds. Let me show you the recipe."

"I had them wrapped around my little finger, those disgusting monsters. No one is better than our police and army, they are the greatest of heroes," Rachel declared.


In a large bowl, combine a pouch of baking powder, half a cup of brown sugar, a tablespoon of white sugar, two cups of flour, two eggs, 150g of softened butter, and a bag of chocolate chips. Mix everything into one dough. Make a small circle, press it down slightly, and put it on a pan. Repeat until the dough is depleted.