Following an incident in which Yale University removed the word Israeli from the Israeli couscous salad that was served in its dining hall, claiming that students felt the food "did not 'authentically' represent the country or ethnicity referenced in the name," the school received a phone call from Israel's "Office of Jewish Culture."

The Israeli official notified the university representative that since the university cares so much about cultural appropriation, the State of Israel demands it change its coat of arms, which bears the Hebrew words "Urim and Thummim," which once were written on the High Priest's vestments.

The problem is that Israel does not have an "Office of Jewish Culture." In fact, the Yale representative spoke with Mako journalist Racheli Rottner, who has gained notoriety for her witty prank phone calls.

Rottner, pretending to be Sarit from the "Office of Jewish Culture," continued to inform the frightened representative that Israel intended to sue Yale for "copyrights and cultural harassment."

Rottner told the representative that Israel would propose alternative Hebrew phrases that the university could use on its coat of arms, such as "Lehem Havita" (Omelet Sandwich) or "Anachnu Universita Tipsha" (We are a dumb university).

This is not the first time Rottner pranked an Ivy League university in the US; last month, she phoned Harvard University's admissions office pretending to be the mother of a Hamas terrorist who participated in the October 7th massacre.