Attack helicopter over Gaza
Attack helicopter over GazaIDF Spokesperson

The Qatari newspaper, al=Araby al-Jadeed, reported this afternoon (Friday) that several individuals were killed in a strike on a vehicle in the Rafah area. At least three were apparently killed in the strike, and an additional six were injured.

The strike is assumed to have been a targeted assassination.

IDF Arabic Language Spokesman Lt. Col. Avichay Adraee sent a message earlier in the day to Gazans saying: "The IDF is operating intensively against Hamas and the terror organizations in the Gaza Strip. To the residents of the al-Bureij Refugee Camp and the Bader, al-Sahel al-Shamal, al-Nazheh, al-Zhaharaa, al-Buraq, al-Rudheh, and al-Safa neighborhoods south of Wadi Gaza: for your security, we call on you to evacuate immediately to the checkpoint in Dir al-Balah."

He added: "The IDF will allow civilian-humanitarian movement on the route that bypasses Khan Younis from the west. In addition, a local tactical respite of military activity for humanitarian purposes will take place in the western neighborhood of Nafet Rafah from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for the purpose of procuring provisions.

On Friday morning, the IDF announced that the combat team of the IDF's 5th Brigade conducted operational activity in the Kasbah complex in Beit Hanoun last week. The soldiers of the combat team - together with aerial fire support, observation posts, and combat engineering forces - cleared the area of the Kasbah, eliminated terrorists, and struck dozens of terrorist targets and infrastructure.

Among other things, the forces collected many weapons, including Kalashnikov-type weapons, grenades, cartridges and ammunition boxes, mortar bombs, and vests - including IDF vests. In addition, the forces located uniforms of the Hamas terrorist organization, including children's uniforms, Hamas documents and telephones, and an IDF kitbag. The forces located several tunnel shafts in the homes of Hamas operatives, the largest of which was in a school. From these tunnels, terrorists attacked the forces the day before the brigade’s operation.