IDF forces in Gaza
IDF forces in GazaIDF Spokesperson

Daniel Mazevich, the lone survivor of the antitank missile attack on an IDF APC (armored personnel carrier) that killed eleven Givati soldiers, returned to the burned-out vehicle a month later to recount the incident.

Mazevich was critically injured in the attack and was sedated and ventilated for two weeks afterward. When he woke up, he wanted to return to the vehicle, saying “It was my home for almost a month in the staging areas, it was where I slept more than in my own home over the past year. I worried about it more than I worried about myself and cared for it day by day as if it were my child so that it would bring me back and protect me on the battlefield. It did indeed protect me."

In a post he published to say goodbye to his comrades, he wrote “When we went out to war, it was clear to all of us that in war, there are those who are injured, those who are killed, and perhaps even from our team. That did not sway us, because we saw clearly that we had a higher goal than anyone, and it was to protect our home, our land for which we have no replacement, and our families, so that they could live fearlessly and in peace once again.”

Regarding the attack itself, he wrote: “But this? This we had never in our lives imagined, not in our worst nightmares, that eleven heroic soldiers, legends, each one worth their weight in gold, would be killed in a single strike, in a single vehicle, in a single second.”

He spoke about his comrades: “I don’t know how I specifically survived. Most people say it was a miracle, and they’re right. I know that the reason I survived was to carry on the memory of the eleven lions who were my home and second family all the way, some of them with me from my first day in the army, who went through so much with me, and some of them whom I met later, who nevertheless engraved themselves on my heart and soul, each one in their own way, and I want everyone to know who they were. Each one was an angel.”:

Daniel’s farewell to them read: “My dear brothers, my friends, my family. I had the privilege and pleasure of knowing every one of you, and experiencing your last moments with you, and even then you were laughing the way only you knew how, laughing like you never had before.”

The soldiers killed in the attack were Adi Danan, 20, from Yavne, Halel Solomon, 20, from Dimona, Erez Mishlovsky, 20, from Oranit, Adi Leon, 20, from Nili, Ido Ovadia, 19, from Tel Aviv, Lior Siminovich, 19, from Herzliya, Roei Dawi, 20, from Jerusalem, and Pdaya Mark, 22, from Otniel, Roee Saragusti, squad commander in the Givati Brigade, Itai Yehuda, and Shai Arus.