Debra Messing and Brett Gelman meet Shay Lee Atary
Debra Messing and Brett Gelman meet Shay Lee AtaryInbal Forma

Actress Debra Messing came with fellow Hollywood actor Brett Gelman to meet Shay Lee Atary, who survived the Hamas attack on Kfar Aza, on October 7th. Atary protected her baby daughter Shaya, who was only a month old, while terrorists murdered her husband Yahav, who died protecting his wife and newborn daughter.

Participants who were present at the meeting said that "Debra and Brett listened attentively and were thirsty to hear every bit of information and message that went around in shay Lee's mind, with the aim of conveying them straight to the world."

"They felt with every nerve in their bodies the pain and rage and dark humor that Shay Lee is experiencing, they wanted to know how (the hell) she managed to stand on her feet and delved into a conversation about Yahav and Shay Lee’s films that they created, and about their decision to bring the splendor of art to the south of Israel, to tell the story of the people in the Otef and to document the real people who live there," they said.

"More than anything, Debra and Brett were shocked to discover that a talented couple, who for 13 years went through countless tough and life-changing challenges together, exciting experiences that touched red carpets (in a good way) and even managed to finally start a family, will no longer exist in our world, due to a senseless massacre.

"Debra and Brett continue their journey in our holy land, visiting the Otef and meeting with survivors and families of abductees, mainly to try to illustrate to the world, and especially to the big deniers, what Hamas committed on October 7," the participants concluded.