Flyers that are dropped in Gaza, Archive
Flyers that are dropped in Gaza, ArchiveIDF Spokesperson

Residents of Rosh Ha'ayin, in central Israel, and several Samaria localities were surprised on Thursday to find flyers that were meant for Gazans calling on them to leave the combat areas.

The flyers stated: "Urgent warning for anyone who is Jabaliya, al-Darj, Tufah, and the Old City. You are in a dangerous military zone. For your safety, the IDF asks that you evacuate immediately and go to the known shelters nearest to you. If you have information about hostages, please let us know."

The IDF said that they were checking the source of the mishap. "Earlier today, flyers that were meant for the residents of the northern Gaza Strip calling them to evacuate were distributed. Due to a technical error, some of them reached Israeli territory; the incident will be investigated."