The IDF has gained operational control over the Shuja'iyya neighborhood in Gaza City. During the fighting in the neighborhood, soldiers from the 36th Division had face-to-face confrontations with terrorists who shot at, attacked, and threw explosives at the forces from buildings in the densely populated area. The forces eliminated the terrorists in fierce battles while charging and commanding from the front.

The forces from the division carried out widespread strikes; hundreds of targets were struck with fire support, and dozens of tunnel shafts were uncovered in many houses, schools, and medical clinics. In civilian homes in the neighborhood, troops located many weapons and Hamas training materials.

The Golani Brigade Battle Team raided the homes of senior Hamas leaders and confiscated intelligence materials. The 188th Brigade Battle Team raided and took control of the Shuja'iyya Battalion headquarters, from which some of the terrorists who perpetrated the October 7th massacre left.

In addition, the Paratroopers Brigade Battle Team destroyed over 100 terrorist structures, uncovered and destroyed dozens of tunnel shafts, and arrested many terrorists who surrendered, including a Hamas company commander and terrorists who took part in the massacre, and transferred them for interrogation. The Infantry School Brigade Battle Team destroyed dozens of structures that were used by Hamas.