Likud World Chairman MK Danny Danon visited the town of Kfar Aza in southern Israel with an international delegation that came to see the aftermath of the October 7th massacre.

“We thank Governor Huckabee and the ambassadors who came to support us, it is not taken for granted,” Danon stated. “We ask them to be vocal in their support of us. We have not yet finished the job, and need two withstand pressure from the US, the UN, the EU, and the rest of the international community.”

Danon believes that the support he asks for will be forthcoming: “There are some problems that are out there, but the American people see that we are fighting evil, we are fighting their fight. It's the same as with the Houthis - first they targeted Israeli vessels, now they are targeting all vessels. What happened here can happen to them.”

Danon also laid out his vision of victory, explaining, “I drew up a plan for the day after. Israel will retain security control, and civilian affairs will be run by an international force that includes Arab states. Israel must have a buffer zone, as well as control of the Rafah border crossing. It will not be a short process, or easy, but it needs to be done.”

Danon has visited the towns that were attacked multiple times, but still finds the sight horrifying. He explained, “Every time I come here, I need a few days to recover. You can see the last moments of the people who were murdered here, and imagine them begging for help that does not arrive. We need to make sure that this was the last mistake Hamas will ever make.”