Hillary Clinton with the families
Hillary Clinton with the familiesRoi Boshi

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with families of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza.

During the meeting the families shared their personal stories with the Former Secretary of State, showed her pictures, and presented her with a dog tag with the words "Our hearts are captive in Gaza."

Those present at the meeting related that Clinton showed knowlage of the matter, and said, "The work that the families and the forum is doing is so important and influential. You must continue. Apply pressure on all those involved."

Amit Levi, the brother of the hostage Naama Levi, spoke to Clinton about the meaning of his sister being an injured woman in captivity and how frighting it is.

Amit Braslavski, the brother of Rom, who was abducted from the Supernova music festival in Re'im where he worked as a security guard, related to the former America official how his brother saved partygoers and went back and forth from the party until he was abducted.