Yaacov Elian
Yaacov ElianIDF.

Lieutenant Yaacov Elian, 20, from Ramat Gan, served in the Givati brigade and was killed in action in northern Gaza.

Tomer Shofer, the principal of the Amit Bar Ilan Technological School where Yaacov studied, eulogized him: "His enormous heart and characteristic affability connected him and his friends and made him a student beloved to his teachers. He studied computers, readied himself for combat service, and was a continual volunteer with the police."

"With his enlistment, he joined the Givati Brigade. Yaacov was raised in a house with values of Zionism and love for the State, and he wanted to contribute as much as he could, and so decided to enter an officers course. From the course, he went out to a battle from which he did not return. We mourn his departure and embrace his parents, his sister, and all those who loved him, and our condolences on their enormous loss and the life cut off prematurely."

Yaacov Shasha, his 12th grade teacher, commented: "The characteristic that really defined him was genuine innocence. He never said something he didn't believe, and his desire to help was entirely altruistic. His giving to others was the root of his soul, giving to his friends, his family, and his nation. This was expressed in all of his personality. Yaacov had a gentle smile. He was constantly honest with himself, knew to take responsibility, and always wanted to improve, advance, and never stay stagnant. His friends felt privileged to be so. He always cared for others before himself and was a genuine and loyal."