Huckabee (L) and Danon in Kfar Aza
Huckabee (L) and Danon in Kfar AzaCourtesy

Member of Israel’s Knesset, and Israel’s former Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, on Wednesday, welcomed a delegation of Evangelical Christian leaders who are in Israel on a solidarity mission.

MK Danon traveled with the delegates to Kfar Aza on the Southern border of Israel, where for many, they witnessed for the first time the devastation inflicted on Israel’s communities by Hamas with their own eyes. The delegation also visited Sderot and was briefed on a minute-by-minute account of the morning of Black Saturday by the Mayor of Sderot and his security team. Finally, they were able to speak to two of the hostage families whose loved ones remain in Gaza in captivity.

MK Danny Danon said: “I am grateful to all the Christian leaders, and particularly to Gov. Huckabee and Joel Rosenberg, for making time during this Christmas season to stand with Israel and the Jewish people against anti-Semitism and the forces of radical Islamism. Visiting the communities on the Israel-Gaza border is an overwhelming experience, where the profound destruction is still a nightmarish reality. The scent of death and the unmistakable presence of pure evil continue to leave an impact. Israel is resolute in its commitment to eradicate the barbaric threat posed by Hamas terrorists, and the pursuit of this goal will not waver until they are entirely eliminated."

Joel Rosenberg, editor-in-chief of ALL ISRAEL NEWS and ALL ARAB NEWS, said: “In Israel’s darkest hour, I want every Israeli to know that Evangelical Christians love you because God loves you, and we stand shoulder to shoulder with you against the wicked Iranian regime and their barbaric terror proxy forces. You are not alone. Evangelicals are friends you can count on. We will never leave you or forsake you. I’m grateful to my friend, Danny Danon, for hosting us today, briefing us, and taking us to meet Israeli heroes on the frontlines of this battle for civilization.”

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee said: “I’ve been traveling to Israel for over 50 years — with my first trip being in July of 1973 — and I’ve led thousands of Americans on trips here since 1981. I’ve been to Israel several times a year most years and have come here during the Intifada and the 2014 Gaza war to show my solidarity and support. But this trip is perhaps my most important. What happened on October 7th was revolting. And I’m infuriated by how so much of the world and the media are turning against Israel. I came here to say loud and clear that Evangelicals stand with Israel. We believe in the Bible, and we are grateful that God made it crystal clear that He loves Israel and the Jewish people and has chosen to bless them. That’s why Evangelicals are praying without ceasing for Israel’s hostages to come home quickly and for victory over Israel’s enemies and why so many Christians are donating millions of dollars to provide urgently needed humanitarian relief for those suffering in this tragic war.