What might be the largest poster in the world, featuring 173 hostages kidnapped by Hamas, covers the entire side of the studio building in Culver City - and it is all thanks to a Hollywood producer who donated the building to graffiti activists.

NBC4’s Conan Nolan explains: “For many, it is a purely antisemitic act, the effort that so many people take to rip down images of Israeli civilians who were taken hostage by Hamas terrorists on October 7th. But the Jewish hostages have not been forgotten; not in Israel, not here.”

The side of the Apple Entertainment Building in Culver City displays a canvas that can’t be missed and can’t be vandalized of the 173 kidnapped hostages, remembered in vinyl images ten time the size of the posters that had been placed on power poles and store windows and ripped down.

This is a message that has been amplified, “BRING THEM HOME.”

Craig Dershowitz, CEO of the LA-based nonprofit Artists 4 Israel, said: “If you look behind me, it’s the biggest picture on the wall. We want the hostages returned. And secondary to that, we dare to you try to take this down. You will not stop us and you will not stop the message from being spread.”

Artists 4 Israel, is in its 13th year, is engaged in humanitarian relief in ten different countries and allows artists from around the globe to express their own creative impressions of Israel, as in a painting of an Israeli bomb shelter, reported by the Christian Broadcasting Network.

“It is important to make these buildings that have a negative connotation, to have something positive to them,” says an artist participating in this program.

The Culver City project was done with help from the Combat Antisemitism movement. Part of the exhibit includes a number of street-level mirrors to engage the passive passersby.

Dershowitz said: “As they pass by, they see themselves in the poster and it changes their perception immediately. It makes them become part of it and hopefully it will force them to act and some in way fight for the release of these prisoners.”

But while Dershowitz says that this is a cause for freedom, for those taken and held against their will, others see it as a political statement that needs to be stopped. Already there have been several attempts to rip the images down.

Dershowitz: “If someone can make a political statement by saying that someone should not be held captive, that kidnapping and murder is wrong, if that’s political, then sign me up to be political.”