Master Sergeant Maoz Fenigstein
Master Sergeant Maoz FenigsteinMount Hebron

Reservist Master Sergeant Maoz Fenigstein, a resident of Givat Hanan in Susya fell in battle in northern Gaza, the IDF spokesman released for publication.

Fenigstein is survived by his wife Odeya and baby Teneh.

The Mount Hevron regional council said that the council's staff, employees and managers embrace the family and the residents of Givat Hanan (Susya) and Asa'el.

The Binyamin Regional Council said, "We regretfully announce the death of reservist Maoz Fenigstein (25) from Talmon in Binyamin, who died in a heroic battle in Gaza. The Binyamin Council and the Talmon community embrace the Fenigstein family and his wife Odeya and daughter Teneh." Details of the funeral and shiva will be published later. The number of soldiers who have fallen since the beginning of the war has risen to 464.

This morning the IDF released for publication the names of two IDF soldiers killed in battle in the northern Gaza Strip: Capt. Rotem Yosef Levy (24) from Oranit, deputy platoon commander in the Yahalom unit; Master Sergeant Daniel Yaakov Ben Harush (31) from Alon, a soldier in the 6551st battalion in the half-fire formation (551).

In addition, two soldiers from Battalion 13 in the Golani Brigade were seriously injured in the battle in southern Gaza. Their families have been notified. From October 7, 464 IDF soldiers have fallen in the war, 131 of them from the beginning of the ground operation in Gaza.