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Shalom PollackUri Yehezkel

Hello, concerned world,

It's me, the Jew that you detest living in his ancestral land.

I noticed that you have no worries about the Tamil genocide. The Syria genocide, Maybe the Darfur genocide (300,000 dead to date)? The Uyghur genocide (being carried out by the Chinese largely through involuntary sterilization)? The Rohingya genocide? The Yemen genocide? The Tigray genocide? The 62,000 Christians murdered by Boko Haram? The rampant cannibalism of the Congo Civil War?

But then, how could you? You're far too busy these days with Jews.

The Jews have always been the problem. They were either too poor or too rich. They were either too isolationist or too assimilated. They either lived in foreign lands or in their historic one. They were told to "go to Palestine"! They are told to leave Palestine!

Inconsiderate bunch indeed.

The streets of Western capitals and universities have just so much space and can not accommodate just any cause. The wonderful energy and idealism of youth and the sophistication of academics must mobilize for the one fight that must be waged: Genocide against Jews - now. From whatever river to whatever sea. It is after all the ultimate crowd-pleaser.

What do the Jews not understand?

Have you noticed that terrorists love to kidnap Israeli hostages and do so with growing scope and frequency? Perhaps it is because it works so well.

And have you noticed that this weapon is not used by Arabs against other Arabs? They also don't rape other Arabs in the unending wars they wage against each other but they kn,ow what is not done.

Jews? - party time!

Have you wondered why?

Perhaps you recall a few months ago, a couple of Druse young men ( an Arab non-Muslim minority who serve with distinction in the Israeli army) were involved in a car accident in Jenin (PA territory) After being taken to the local "Palestinian" hospital it was discovered that they were Israeli citizens and the terrorists announced that they were holding them as Israeli hostages in return for terrorists prisoners in Israel.
Had they been Jewish Israelis there would have begun a drawn-out gut-wrenching period of negotiations, demonstrations to "free them now at any cost! " and ultimately a bowing to massive blackmail and depressing national humiliation.

However, the Druse community in Israel did not turn to the authorities to free their sons from the terrorist kidnappers. They understood how things are done in this neighborhood.

They blocked the main road artery of Israel and announced that if their people were not released in a few hours the entire Druse community of Israel (200,000 ) would kill any "Palestinian" they saw until the release. The Druse were ready to go on the warpath for their kinsmen. Arabs understand that very well. And they rescued him.

But Jews..? Party time!

It wasn't always this way. Look back.

In the pre-state period, Ben Gurion ordered a team to abduct Arab rapists of Jews and permanently changed their masculine physiology. Word got out quickly, even without social media, and other Arab rapists quickly fled the country.

But we matured. Isn't it satisfying to pay, and pay, and pay for "Jewish morality"?

When Moses wiped out the Canaanites to free just one hostage, a Jewish maidservant, he obviously had not been taught about true Jewish morality.

In the Seventeen nineties, Muslim pirates in North Africa discovered a lucrative source of income. They began to abduct Western citizens at sea for ransom for which their governments paid handsomely, and so the practice continued until President Thomas Jefferson had enough.

The Marines (.".to the shores of Tripoli.".) were sent in, not to negotiate or pay a ransom. They solved the problem, some say that even "noncombatants" were killed.

In the Nineteen eighties in another Muslim land, they were up to their old tricks again.
Western citizens were abducted from the streets of Beirut and held for large ransoms which Western governments paid. The abductions continued of course.

Finally, the CIA was called upon to quietly end it. The next time an American was held for ransom, the families of the terrorists had their body parts sent by mail to their homes. The abductions ended.

Amidst the current war of survival, we are engaged in against an enemy that plays by no rules. Is there anything we should be learning from the past?

Yes, and there is another thing to learn from the past, a reminder about late Israeli Prime Miinister Levi Eshkol by Dr. Aaron Lerner of the Independent Media Review and Analysis (IMRA) government accredited news organization, which provides an ongoing analysis of developments in Arab-Israeli relations:

Eshkol repeatedly stressed the need to prepare for a simultaneous attack by several Arab countries:

“Okay, okay,” he responded when, in 1966, intelligence officials assured him that the Arab world was internally divided and incapable of waging war before 1970. “But what if intelligence is wrong? Learning that the armored corps had ammunition reserves for only three days of fighting, Eshkol had them doubled.

In contrast to the complacency exhibited by many of Israel’s political and military leaders in the mid-1960s, Eshkol repeatedly stressed the need to prepare for a simultaneous attack by several Arab countries.

And -

… Eshkol also sought to elicit support from Israel’s Western allies, and especially from the United States. On May 18, he wrote Johnson, “With a massive buildup on our southern frontier linked with a terrorist campaign from the north, and Soviet support for the governments responsible for the tension, there is surely an urgent need to reaffirm the American commitmentto Israel’s security.”

Eshkol was referring to a 1957 pledge in which Washington recognized Israel’s right to resist any attempt to obstruct its shipping through Tiran.27 Eshkol sent similar cables to French President Charles de Gaulle and British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, emphasizing that “an open expression of support for Israel’s security and integrity… will be a most important diplomatic and psychological asset in the delicate situation we now find ourselves in.” Finally, he invited the Soviet ambassador to Israel, Dmitri Chuvakhin, to tour the northern border and verify the absence of IDF concentrations.

None of these efforts succeeded in stemming the escalation of hostilities. Johnson, embroiled in Vietnam, advised Israel “to abstain from every step that would increase tension and violence in the area,” while the British and French chose not to respond at all.

(Excerpted from Levi Eshkol, Forgotten Hero By Michael B. Oren, Azure no. 14, Winter 5763 / 2003

Shalom Pollack is a veteran tour guide and author of the book "Jews, Israelis and Arabs." Reach him at [email protected]