Archive photo: President Biden on phone call
Archive photo: President Biden on phone callOfficial White House Photo by Adam Schultz

“If the Second World War would have been fought on CNN, neither Hitler nor Japan would have been defeated, simply because the media would not have allowed it.”---Rabbi Berel Wein

Here is a question. Had Antony Blinken been Secretary of State during World War II, would he have made these phone calls?

Hello, General Patton? You are ordered to pause your Third Army as you advance through Germany so you can open humanitarian corridors for the victims of the war. Of course, this will mean delaying the end of World War II.

Hello, General Montgomery?

We are ordering you to pause in the ongoing battle at El Alamein and provide assistance to civilians. Oh yes, we would also like you to supply the fuel the Germans need so they can continue killing British soldiers.

Hello, General Eisenhower?

Please pause the Battle of the Bulge and, instead, send in thousands of trucks with fuel to ensure German tanks continue their assault on US troops.

* * * * *

Among the painful truths we are forced to confront after October 7 is the purposeful disregard in the west about Israel’s savage enemies, along with the west’s anti semitic obsessions with the Jewish state and the double standards Israel must eternally endure.

In our world of obsessive, never-ending international intervention in Israel’s affairs, we must remember the past failures of such western efforts.

We also must recognize that international treaties and agreements are usually created as a matter of political expedience and will rarely be enforced or abided by.

In the weeks before the 1967 War, Foreign Minister Abba Eban reminded US President Lyndon Johnson of US commitments made in a bid to end the 1956 Suez war, including that the Straits of Tiran would remain open to Israeli shipping. But Johnson was now preoccupied with his own war in Vietnam and would not honor those commitments.

Eban also met with French President Charles DeGaulle before the 1967 war. Eban again reminded DeGaulle that France had earlier pledged to support Israel militarily. “That was 1957,” replied de Gaulle. “This is 1967.”

We also recall, as part of the agreement in which Israel left Lebanon in 2006, that the UN Security Council voted for the creation of a demilitarized south Lebanon. Since the world had no intention of honoring the agreement, today there are hundreds of thousands of rockets pointed at Israel.

Since October 7, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has had the unenviable job of being the spokesman for today’s barely-educated, woke Biden administration. Indeed, we learned just this week that the White House is staffed with young savages who, in a letter, demanded an Israeli cease fire and a Hamas victory, while seeking to end Israel’s “apartheid regime.”

To his disgrace, Blinken continues repeating that his concern in making demands on Israel is to ensure that civilian casualties are kept to a minimum in Gaza.

Not surprisingly, with his Ivy League pedigree, Mr. Blinken apparently never learned US history.

Indeed, the last time the US won a war, nearly 80 years ago, it was understood that civilian casualties were an unfortunate consequence of all-out war.

Just in Germany, 350,000 to 500,000 civilians died during World War II allied air raids.

In Japan, historians record that 330,000 to 900,000 civilians were killed in US bombings.

Notably, both in Germany and Japan, the allies developed the ability to strategically set afire city districts and watch from the skies as the flames joined together to create firestorms.

Thus, in Tokyo on March 9-10, 1945, firestorms killed 100,000 civilians, destroyed 267,171 buildings and one million were left homeless.

The Tokyo bombing set a record as the deadliest one-day military attack in human history.

Early in the Gaza war, Blinken demanded that Israel restore the enemies’ ability to talk on their phones, ignoring the military assistance this would provide the enemy, while forgetting that the US and British killed more than 50,000 French civilians while bombing communications and rail centers in the build-up to D-Day.

For in 1944 the Americans knew they would save allied soldiers' lives if the Germans could not communicate during battle. But are Israelis not allowed to act similarly?

After October 7, it is time for Jews to be blunt and speak clearly. So what can we learn from today’s western demands on Israel?

Perhaps we might acknowledge what we dare not say. Those making policy in America, being western educated and living in a culture that is obsessed with celebrities and does not value its own history, are poorly educated, have little expertise in any field and, critically, know nothing about the histories or peoples of countries they are forever tinkering with.

Instead, western policy makers are mired in a hypocrisy bred from their self-inflicted stupidity. They call for Israel to slow its war efforts for the sake of civilians, when the west never did the same during World War II, or the Vietnam or Korean wars.

They call for Israel to pause the war, giving Hamas terrorists time to rearm and regroup, when they never would have ordered such a move during their own wars.

Is this because US wars were more important than Israel’s war in Gaza? Or that the lives of US soldiers were more valuable than those of Israeli soldiers?

Or is it because the only country in the world that must always fight with one arm tied behind its back is Israel?

Throughout the world, only the Jews win wars and are immediately ordered to retreat and return land to the aggressors.

No one criticizes how Ukraine fights its war against Russia. No United Nations condemns Syria for the death of 500,000 citizens, or Libya for killing 25,000 of its citizens. Or Iraq’s 315,000 civilian deaths.

And how many civilians died during the US war in Afghanistan? Over 46,000.

Post-October 7, it is no longer healthy for the Jewish people to delude ourselves. So we must understand that the world’s media is obsessed with Israel, international organizations are obsessed with Israel, and university campuses are obsessed with Israel.

And they are all obsessed for the same reason. Because they seek to destroy the Jewish state.

And frankly, we Jews no longer need to hear from our own professors, tv analysts, former politicians or ex-generals telling us about the nuances and motivations of Jew-haters. We also do not want to be told that sophistication is needed to understand the world around us.

For our uneducated grandparents came out of the shtetl knowing, without a doubt, that the world’s Christians and Muslims, socialists and communists, wanted us dead.

And our recent past proved them right, even as the events we are living through today again confirm that our uneducated grandparents understood the world better than we do.

We Jews must trust our instincts and our own judgments. Using our post-October 7 clarity, we must never place our faith in an international community that has wanted us dead for 2,000 years.

And while a policy based upon the premise that the non-Jewish world wants us dead is neither sophisticated nor subtle, it has one very important advantage.

It will keep us alive.