Amit Segal
Amit SegalYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Channel 12 commentator Amit Segal addressed the criticism directed since the outbreak of the war against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding his support for the Oslo Accords and against his statement that he would not repeat the mistakes of Oslo.

"It’s great we have reached the day when the prime minister is accused with the serious charge that he supported Oslo, even if it’s late," Segal wrote on his X account.

Segal added: "It's a shame that no one accused Peres of this in real time and it's a shame that it took thirty years, but better late than never."

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, Netanyahu said, "I will not allow a repeat of the Oslo mistake. The debate between Hamas and Fatah is not whether to eliminate the State of Israel but how."

"Until now, the PA's senior officials refuse to condemn the massacre and some have even praised it. Tonight I can say that the majority of the public thinks so. As Prime Minister of Israel I will not let this happen. The Palestinian Authority will not control Gaza. I say to our friends, after the war there will be no authority in Gaza that will teach terrorism, and there will be Israeli security control."

In response to a question from a Kan 11 journalist as to why he did not cancel the Oslo Accords, Netanyahu replied: "I inherited the Oslo accords, I don't understand you and the journalists who have been accusing me of preventing a Palestinian state for thirty years."