At the seminar
At the seminarRo'ee Fayl and the Sovereignty Movement

Dozens of Sovereignty youths, the next generation of Israeli leadership, gathered for a seminar of ideology and values focusing on Israel’s future and the importance of the application of its sovereignty. The also sent a unique gift to the IDF soldiers fighting in the Gaza Strip.

With the participation of dozens of youths, members of the Sovereignty Youth Movement from all parts of Israel, held the Hanukkah Seminar of 5784 (2023), entitled, "Sowing Sovereignty in Gaza," in the Gush Katif Museum in Jerusalem.

The main part of the seminar included talks by Zvika Mor, whose son Eitan is being held captive by Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Member of Knesset Amit Halevi, and former Member of Knesset Asher Fentahun.

Zvika Mor told the story of his son’s abduction and the background for establishing the Tikva Forum, which seeks to warn against political steps driven by private concerns, rather than principles of overall national responsibility.

MK Halevi focused his remarks on the significance of identity and sovereignty in the life of a nation.

Former MK Asher Fentahun Seyum emphasized the importance of Israel’s resolute political statement on sovereignty in Judea and Samaria as something that has the power to change how the international sphere views the connection between the People of Israel and its Land.

The place that was chosen for holding the seminar, the Gush Katif Museum, takes on special significance during these days, when the IDF has returned to the Gaza Strip and the internalization in widening circles among the People of Israel of the tragic ramifications of having abandoned this strip of land. Shlomo Wassertal, expelled from Gush Katif, told the youth his personal story and the story of Gush Katif.

As part of the seminar, the youths who took part in the seminar prepared unique gift packages for the IDF soldiers fighting in the Gaza Strip. Aside from sweets, these packages included seeds of Land of Israel flowers, which the soldiers who receive the packages will plant in the soil of the Gaza Strip, placing near them a small Israeli flag, which is also included in the package.

Apart from this, each soldier will receive an Israeli flag in the package, in keeping with many soldiers' request to the Sovereignty Movement for Israeli flags in the field to strengthen and lift the fighters’ spirits in this historic moment. The flags were purchased with the help of generous donations by supporters of the Sovereignty Movement, who were called on to take part in a short mission, donated, and were full partners in the project.

The seminar concluded by lighting the famous "Patzmarim" Hanukkah menorah, which was built from mortar fragments launched by terrorists into the communities of Gush Katif.

As in previous seminars, this seminar is also intended to prepare the next generation of Israeli leadership, and to imbue them with a deep familiarity with the State of Israel’s political and historic challenges. The seminar also seeks to imbue these future leaders with a deep awareness of the importance of the sovereignty process and total rejection of any dangerous ideas promoted by foreign elements whose purpose is to divide the Land and establish a hostile state in its heart.

The co-chairwomen of the Sovereignty Movement, Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, summarized the event with great satisfaction, noting the involvement of the youths who dedicated an entire day to moral and ideological empowerment and the future of the People of Israel.

Hod Fischerman, the director of Sovereignty Youth, summarized the event and emphasized how much the participants learned about our mission as youths, especially now. "We all were filled with the strength for action and sacrifice in furtherance of sovereignty and the return to Gaza," he said.