IDF airstrike
IDF airstrikeIDF.

IDF fighter planes, attack helicopters, and UAVs destroyed military facilities, guard posts, surveillance posts, munition storehouses, and command centers of the Hamas general security services stationed on the border with Egypt.

The targets that were attacked are in the Rafah region, and held Hamas activities and assisted Hamas in smuggling weapons that were used against Israel.

Destroying this terrorist infrastructure reduces Hamas's ability to smuggle additional weaponry into the Gaza Strip.

"Hamas' security services are using their reach and activities to steal humanitarian resources that are being brought into Gaza, to assist in smuggling weaponry into Gaza, and even to directly assist terrorists in fighting the IDF," the IDF reported.

Earlier on Friday morning the IDF reported that IDF soldiers secured and destroyed the Hamas Shejaiya Battalion's command and control center.

During the activity, the troops killed terrorists and destroyed a tunnel shaft used by a Hamas terrorist. The complex was struck by IAF aircraft, tanks, and engineering forces.

In addition, IDF troops from the 414 Battalion used the "Maoz" drone for the first time, using it to locate and strike terrorist cells in the area.

Over the last day, IDF troops conducted a targeted raid on terror infrastructure sites in the city of Khan Yunis. The troops killed numerous terrorists and located Hamas tunnel shafts. During the targeted raid, the troops struck a weapon storage compound using the precise "Iron Sting" munition.

The troops also located a tunnel shaft in which they located motorbikes used by the Hamas terrorist organization in the October 7th massacre.

In addition, an IAF fighter jet struck a military compound used by terrorists as a hideout and another aircraft struck three terrorists who attempted to attack IDF troops.