Biden (left) and Trump (right)
Biden (left) and Trump (right)Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead, רויטרס

Donald Trump continues to pull ahead of US President Joe Biden in opinion polls as US presidential elections approach.

A Bloomberg poll published today shows that swing states are leaning increasingly towards Trump, giving him an average of five percent more votes than Biden.

Swing states are those that generally decide the election, as they do not have a clear favorite and could leand their support to either candidate.

Georgia shows Trump leading Biden by 49 percent to 43. Pennsylvania shows Trump leading by just 46 to 44 percent. Michigan shows Trump leading 46 to 42 percent. Wisconsin shows Trump leading by 45 to 41 percent. Nevada shows Trump leading 47 to 44 percent.

The largest gap is in North Carolina, where Trump leads by 49 to 40 percent.

All of these are considered significant leads, as the poll discounts anything less than 4 percent difference between candidates as statistical error.