Daniela Weiss, the director of the Nachala organization that promotes the establishment of new communities in Israel, joined Arutz Sheva - Israel National News to talk about what the future should hold for the Gaza Strip.

''We should have a goal besides the war,'' she says. ''Besides destroying Hamas and recovering the hostages, we need to plan for the return to the places from which we were wrongly evicted and make all of the Gaza Strip a place for new Israeli communities. Approximately two million Arabs are left in Gaza, and they are not going to stay - they will leave for other countries. They have lost their last reason to stay there.''

''It was for this reason that I recently organized two meetings, like Congress, with the leaders of fifteen different organizations founded to resettle Gaza. We have never had so many people contacting us, saying that they want to join a new community to be established not only in the Gaza Strip but in Gaza City itself.''

The Arab population, she says, should not be persuaded to leave, but forced out: "Israel should create a problem for the Arabs, to the point where Egypt, Jorda, and Turkey are forced to absorb them as refugees as they did from Syria. We should not offer them anything to leave. I am not focused on what is best for them, but on what is best for Israel.''

Following their departure, Israel must rebuild. ''The next step is reestablishing all the communities that were forced out. Some people say this is not realistic. I say to them - they used to call Samaria 'blank hills of Samaria'. Now there are five hundred thousand Jews in two hundred fifty communities there. We can do the same thing again.''

She rebuffs fears of American pressure: "We are friends with the Americans, but that friendship is based on mutual respect and dependence. More than we depend on America, they depend on us to be the only democracy in the Middle East and North Africa. They don't want Putin or China to be here. One of our main lessons from this war is that we must be more independent in our production of military equipment."

"I would also like to address US President Joe Biden directly: Don't think that the war in Gaza will end before we have completely ended Hamas and all of Gaza has been resettled by Jews."