The vandalism at Joshua's Tomb
The vandalism at Joshua's TombSpokesperson

The gravesite of Joshua bin Nun in Samaria was vandalized, with malicious graffiti, including encouragement of Hamas and the October 7 massacre.

Among the words spray-painted on the wall were, "Death to Jews," the names of terrorists who carried out attacks in Jerusalem, and other things.

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan called on the government and security forces to clamp down on terror in Judea and Samaria, just as the US dealt with ISIS.

"This is a barbaric hate crime and a terror attack in every way," he said. "We received another reminder that the enemy in Gaza and the enemy in Samaria have a single goal: to destroy the State of Israel and murder Jews."

"It is not coincidence that the barbarians do these two things together - using the same methods that ISIS used, to both hurt the soul and to murder Jews in a barbaric fashion, while at the same time also harming our historical roots here, in the holy places in Israel. They understand very well that everything starts from our roots, from our moral right to the land and our national honor."

"Under our watch, Samaria will not become Hamastan or Fatahistan. Whoever harms us, whoever harms our heritage, whoever harms our holy sites and national symbols - will not be here. The nation of Israel will be victorious."

Dozens of visitors arrive at Joshua's gravesite annually, in a number of organized trips secured by the IDF and security forces. In the village near Joshua's Tomb, Caleb ben Jephunneh is also buried.