Silman and Netanyahu at the candle lighting
Silman and Netanyahu at the candle lightingKobi Gideon/GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Environmental Protection Minister Idit Silman on Tuesday evening attended an event in the series “Lighting up Israel” under the auspices of the Environmental Protection Ministry, the Culture and Sports Ministry and Nature and Park Authority, to honor the men and women of the Israel Police.

"The contribution of the men and women of the Israel Police in stopping the criminal invasion by those murderers was decisive. You had an immense role in the blocking action, and today the entire people of Israel knows it. Today the entire nation is united, first of all, in the pain of our fallen citizens, police officers IDF soldiers and ISA personnel. The heart grieves," said Netanyahu.

"We are celebrating the festival of Hanukkah and you know that four of the five Hasmoneans fell to the enemy. But like you, they did not give up and fought to the end against a brutal enemy that wanted to wipe the Jewish people off the face of the earth – our heritage, our faith, our religion, our people; they came to wipe us off the face of the earth," added the Prime Minister.

"The Maccabees then fought, they did not give in, and won. And the Maccabees of today are you: You are not giving up, you are continuing to victory. There is no compromise. It is total victory. Merely winning is insufficient because we will also free all of our hostages. I am insisting that there will be no force that educates for terrorism, pays for terrorism and supports terrorism. It will not be. I have said this and I reiterate: Neither Hamastan nor Fatahstan. Not the one and not the other. We will insist on this together."

"We are united. We are a united force. With G-d's help, and yours, we will win. I salute you, the men and women of the Israel police. Go and succeed. Go and win. Thank you and have a happy holiday," concluded Netanyahu.