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Representatives of the European Union visited Huwara this week, speaking with the residents against "settler violence," while condemning Israel.

Huwara is a hub which several terrorists responsible for recent attacks have called home.

The EU officials also promised to stand beside the Palestinian Authority Arabs, saying, "The settlements are not legal under international law, and constitute a great obstacle to the creation of a future Palestinian state."

Leading the delegation was incoming EU representative to the Middle East, Alexander Schottesman, who requested to tour the area of Huwara and Burin, following "the terror attacks by the settlers."

The delegation reportedly met with civilians who spoke to them about "the difficulties and economic limitations placed on them, the traffic obstacles which stand in their way as they travel to work their land, and the suffering that the political situation causes them."

Following this, the EU issued a statement saying that, "Since October 7, according to the Ministry for Coordination of Humanitarian Issues, over 318 settler attacks against Palestinians have been reported, which caused injuries and damage to property."

The organization also said that Israel "has a legal obligation to protect its civilians in the West Bank from extremist violence by terrorists, and force those carrying out these acts to take responsibility. The settlements are not legal under international law and constitute a central obstacle to the creation of a sustainable future Palestinian state."

The delegation did not meet Israeli officials at all, and did not express interest in the hostages' welfare or the stories of the fallen and murdered on October 7, nor did it mention them in its concluding statement.

Maor Tzemach, chair of the Israeli sovereignty NGO "Lach Jerusalem," responded: "The European Union's hypocrisy is record-breaking. In these days, when Israel is fighting Islamic terror - ISIS is threatening Europe as well - the European Union chooses the side of murderous evil. The same evil that is knocking on the threshold of streets of Paris and London."

Im Tirtzu chairman Matan Peleg added, "Europe continues to fund and echo the imaginary and false campaign called, 'settler violence,' in order to slander an entire population in the State of Israel. Europe continues, historically, to incite communities against communities in the Middle East. It would be better if Europe ceased all of its colonialist involvement in the Middle East."