Rabbi Benzion Mutzafi
Rabbi Benzion MutzafiYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Rabbi Benzion Mutzafi, a leading Sephardic rabbi, spoke Monday night about the number of IDF soldiers who have fallen in Gaza, claiming that "we are at fault" and calling on his listeners to increase their spirituality.

"We, and only we, are at fault," Kikar Hashabbat quoted Rabbi Mutzafi as telling his students. "Let us take responsibility together."

Rabbi Mutzafi also detailed the matters which, in his opinion, will change the equation for the soldiers in Gaza.

According to him, "If we improve our good deeds: A. to get up early in the morning for prayer, B. to pray the entire prayer, from the beginning to the end, C. not to speak in the synagogue, D. we will utilize every spare hour to learn Torah, from any holy book, E. we will watch the time, our mouths, not say a word that is not good about any Jew, not put into our mouths any food that is not 100% kosher, F. watch our eyes and not look at immodesty, pictures, or our friends' belongings, G. if we fail, G-d forbid, in one of the above, we will admit our sins and regret them."

"It pains me greatly, during these pure days of Hanukkah, to hear of our soldiers falling in war, of soldiers giving up their lives so that we can live and occupy ourselves with the holy Torah," he concluded.