Festive candle lighting mid sea opposite Gaza
Festive candle lighting mid sea opposite GazaNahala

Hundreds of participants of the Nachala Hanukkah Conference went out to sea today (Monday) to light candles opposite Gaza, demanding Jewish settlement in Gaza.

The unique conference that took place today under the Nachala leadership is a center of cooperation between many organizations that have gathered in response to a common call to return to Gaza. Among the organizations: Komemiut, Ribonut, Azza Sof, Nachala, Ariel, Uri Yisrael, Returning Home, Matot Arim and more. Adults, teenagers, and many families with their children attended from all over the country.

The activists who came to the conference first listened to a lecture on "the deep connection between Gaza and the people of Israel and how it is right to renew and rebuild the Jewish towns there."

Afterwards, the activists gathered for round tables and workshops dealing with the issues of settling cores, action headquarters and information ambassadors in the media. At the end of the gathering, the participants went out for a celebratory candle lighting ceremony in mid sea overlooking Gaza.

MK Limor Son Har Melech spoke and said that "rebuilding Jewish homes in Gaza is our victory in the war. Our fighters on the front lines are giving their lives for this decision. Today I spoke to the Prime Minister and told him that the only image of victory in this war is that we will see Jewish homes in Gaza. The victory will be when we see the children of Israel playing in the streets of Gaza."

Nachala Chair. Daniella Weiss said: "In these difficult times when the people of Israel are at war, it is exciting to see the high national morale and the great public awakening to build and settle Gaza. We hear the voices of the combat soldiers in the field who demand that their war not be in vain. They demand that in the places where terrorists gathered to murder the people of Israel, the Israeli flag will be flown with pride."

"Today, more than ever, it is clear that Jewish communities in Gaza are no longer just a solution, but a necessity, both from a security point of view and from a national point of view," Weiss said.