Houthis take control of ship in Red Sea
Houthis take control of ship in Red SeaScreenshot

Pro-Palestinian activists blockaded Zim offices in Toronto and Montreal, in protest against the ongoing war in Gaza.

The group representing the protesters stated that Zim is the main transporter of weapons to Israel, which is committing "genocide" on the residents of Gaza.

"(The company) Zim is taking advantage of the railway network and seaports to feed the Israeli war machine," the statement said.

In Canada, Monday was declared the day of a general strike for Palestine, and the action against Zim was carried out as part of this protest campaign.

The organizers stated that "due to (Israel's) brutal aggression, the masses in Canada and around the world will continue to escalate (the protest), block (main transport arteries), hold sit-down strikes and disrupt (life)."