Minister Yoav Gallant
Minister Yoav GallantElad Malka

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant issued a statement to the media this evening (Monday) in which he referred to the continuation of the fighting against Hamas and Hezbollah in both arenas.

"We are nearing a breaking point in northern Gaza and in Gaza City. I am calling on the battalion commanders to surrender or die, there is no third option," Gallant said, noting that among the terrorists who surrendered in Gaza were those who participated in the brutal massacre on October 7th.

Gallant conveyed a message to all Hamas leaders who are counting on their political future in Gaza, "I have recently been hearing about an increasing discourse on the positions that the heads of Hamas are setting for themselves, they are discussing their future. I want to tell them - the fate of the head of the organization Yahya Sinwar and every other senior commander is the same - to surrender or to die. There is no other option. Those who surrender will be dealt with in a certain way, and all the rest will be judged, and they will go to their deaths. For those who prefer surrender, we will spare their lives, and all the rest will die in battle."

Regarding the hostages, he said, "The IDF will continue taking action and doing whatever is required, we will turn over every stone in order to return them to their homes." The entire security system is committed to this, and so am I personally."

"I believe that if we increase the pressure, there will be offers for more hostage deals, and if there are offers - we will consider them," he said.