IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi toured the 91st Galilee Division on Sunday with the division commander, Brigadier General Shai Kleper, and conducted a situational assessment with the brigade and battalion commanders in the sector.

He also met with members of the civilian emergency response unit of Kibbutz Malkiya.

“For the return to all the communities, both in the south and in the north - first, we need to return to a different situation and return to both safety and a sense of security," Halevi stated.

"There is a military way to do this, the beginning of which is also what you are doing here, to damage, to deter, to kill Hezbollah operatives, to demonstrate our superiority, and it can also come in the form of a strike and war, and it may be that over time this will also take other time periods and solutions because we are focused on other things between the arenas," he continued.

Halevi concluded: "The State of Israel never said war is the first solution that we will try, but we understand that in the situation here, it needs to end with a very, very clear change in the situation. And yes, something very difficult happened that tells us there are cases where it is right to use this tool in its full force. We are using it in Gaza, I do not want to say in full force, but with significant force and significant achievements."